Clients Feedback

I am always working to ensure that my therapeutic counselling practices meet the needs of individual clients and hence my request for their feedback. This information below meets the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act (2018) and any details of clients that would otherwise reveal their identity is not shared with others here.

Questions I ask clients for feedback

How satisfied have you been with the counselling I provide?

100% said "very satisfied"

How well do you feel that as a therapeutic counsellor I       

understood your problems?

100% said"Very Well"

How well do you feel that as a therapeutic counsellor I         

responded to your problems?

100% said "Very well"

To what extent do you feel the therapeutic counselling         

you received has brought a positive change in your


100% said "Many positive changes"

If necessary would you contact me for therapeutic               

counselling again?

100% said "Yes"

Would you recommend my therapeutic counselling               

service to others?

100% said "Yes"

Do you feel you had sufficient appointments                         

with me?

100% said "Yes"

Finally, I asked clients if there were any changes they would like to see happen within the therapeutic counselling service I provide or anything they found particularly helpful about our meetings?

Here below are just some of the comments they have made:

"I have found the whole experience has helped me and to have you to talk with about my grief and for you to not judge me and help me to feel my normal self again".

"I found it helpful that I finally had someone I felt I could trust to listen to me and not judge or make assumptions about me".

"I found it helpful that I felt in charge and didn't have to do what I didn't want to do- I was in control".

"What was helpful was Jack really acknowledged what I said, but then took this to the point where I felt he was with me in my thoughts and my feelings".

" He (IE Jack) didn't intrude he was just there- his 'presence' and true understanding of what my experiences were like for me made it easier for me to find a meaningful way forward in my life".

"I found it helpful that he (IE, Jack) was very professional and explained everything to me about how the sessions would work, what they cost, how long they last. To make sure the therapeutic counselling was right for me we regularly reviewed how things were going to keep things on track for how I wanted them".

"I wanted to thank you Jack for our sessions so far - I feel that they have really helped me come to terms  with what I was really struggling with before. I'm seeing a noticeable difference in my day to day life, for which I am really grateful for". 

"I found it helpful to explore stuff from my past, my guilt about my dad dying and addressing this, as well as dealing with the here and now".

"I found Jack explained things really well in how I was feeling the way I was and gave lots of reassurance".

"I felt that the therapy sessions we had helped me come to terms with what I was really struggling with before. I'm seeing a noticeable difference in my day to day life for which I am grateful for".

"In one session I was challenged and I shared the conflict I had within my emotions and to look more at life how it is and not how I perceived it to be, meaning like a fantasy". 

"I am extremely thankful for this therapy process and the changes I have been able to make".