Your Therapeutic Journey

Taking Your First Steps in Therapeutic Counselling:






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Together Negotiating and Planning your Therapeutic Journey:





I believe that each person’s counselling and therapy needs are unique and following our initial 30 minute introductory meeting we may decide to continue working together, but in a more therapeutic way. After agreeing and negotiating between us some therapeutic relationship ground rules, like for instance aspects of maintaining your confidentiality. We would then complete an holistic assessment of your health and well-being. This would include highlighting the mental health problems that you believe have brought you to counselling, besides establishing the personal aims you would want to achieve from our future therapeutic meetings.  


Taking your Therapeutic Journey:







Our meetings will create a confidential safe space and time for you to explore and discover your real self. This will take place via examining your own agenda, the meetings will possess a non-judgemental, empathic, genuine and open ended way of working together.  You can take your therapeutic journey from session to session or by block booking up to five sessions at a time in advance. There is no specific number of sessions we can arrange to meet, as once again each person’s therapy needs are different. Most importantly you decide if you want to continue attending our meetings or not.


To book a sixty minute ‘Face to Face’ meeting with me or to block book five sixty minute 'Face to Face' meetings

(See my Contacts page for details).

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